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SUP Buying Tips: How to Choose a Paddlethis article covers the basics of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and includes info on essential gear and basic techniques on the water.

Rave Paddle Boards RAVE is your premier water recreation supplier, the originator of the inflatable water trampoline, and perfecter of summer fun. Cost Of Stand Up Paddle Boards Buy a paddle board or stand up paddle board for sale. browse all paddle boards from top-rated brands and find the right model for your next ride on the lake

Travel far and wide across the horizon with Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles. Slice the water with SUP paddles from brands like Aquaglide, Bic, Dakine, Sapient, Rave and more.

STAND UP PADDLES. For the masses, Stand Up Paddling or SUP, has been around less than a decade, … Fatigue starts with your paddle, …

At 10'10" long and 4" thick, the Vapor is the ideal board for beginners, recreational paddlers or anyone looking for a SUP board that is e… 3 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle by.

Join Paddling perks. home. learn. sup paddle length. Rule of thumb: paddle should be about 8" over your standing height. However, if you're usually surfing, paddle…

Finding the right paddle is almost as important as finding a great standup paddle board (SUP). If you already own a SUP, a paddle probably came with it.

Ten Toes Weekender : Ten toes 10′ weekender inflatable stand Up Paddle Board Bundle, Black/Red – 2017 : Sports & Outdoors The Ten Toes Weekender is a good value and makes a great board for someone who is looking for a fun and reliable board that won't break the bank. You can put it down to design,