That First Glide – A Stand-Up Paddle Board Movie

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Paddle Boarding Reviews

In the last decade the sport of paddle boarding had become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Many resorts located near a body of water, offer paddle boarding opportunities using their own equipment. It is also possible to rent generic paddle boards from businesses located near bodies of water for a fee. Owning your own paddle board is a better option for people who want to participate year round and enjoy the sport any time they want.


There are many different brands of paddle boards available to purchase at practically every sporting good store. Determining the best board depends on the needs and desires of the individual.


When reviewing paddle boards, customers should consider versatility, stability, construction, appearance, and performance. Boards that rate high in each of these areas are generally considered the best.

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The best general purpose paddle board on the market that ranks highest for versatility, stability, appearance and construction is Isle Soft’s Blue Stripe Classic. This stand up paddle board, or SUP, is suitable for all skill levels and cost efficient. For a reasonable price, you get a board that has the highest quality ratings. Combine that with the fact that novices and pros alike can use it, and you have a great all around board.


Another board that scores high in versatility, appearance, construction, and stability is the iRocker Cruiser. According to paddle board reviews, this board stands out for its 375 lb weight limit. Unlike other boards of its kind, this board allows for heavy riders due to its increased width. A wider board can accommodate heavier riders, but loses speed in the process. It is also a great family board, meaning the entire family can use it with ease. Sharing one paddle board between all members of the family is cost effective and reduces the need for multiple boards.


Reading paddle board reviews before purchasing one is an absolute must. There are so many factors to consider in order to insure that the board is appropriate for your needs. For example, if you plan on racing then you would definitely want to purchase a board with that in mind. An all-purpose paddle board is not built with speed in mind. First it is important to determine what the board will be used for. Next consider the people who will be riding the board and their ages. After determining what your needs are, then read reviews online about the different boards to determine which is best suited for your needs. The internet offers the opportunity to read what other customers have experienced themselves when purchasing a paddle board. Reading reviews that others have written gives honest advice that could save money in the long run.