How To Transport A Stand Up Paddle Board


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Yakima even have a complete SUP transport system called the “Wave Hog” that works on any fixed rack and it come with pads to cover the rack bars, two lockable heavy-duty straps that secure the board down, and the SUP Braw with nose and tail tie downs for even more security.

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May 11, 2018  · Place your board deck down and fin forward near the back of your vehicle. Lift the tail of the board onto the back of your car. Slide the board up and forward until it’s in place. Tips for Transporting SUPs: Don’t forget your paddle: If it fits, your paddle can go right inside your vehicle.

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Although at first glance stand up paddle boards look easy to transport, their long and flat shape actually makes them act like wings. On top of that you have to be careful not to damage their Surface.