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Review: Stability of SUP is Amazing. New Boards Design, More Colors. Learn More

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We tested more than 30 different inflatable stand up paddle boards this year. We disliked some, liked many and absolutely loved three. Here are the three iSUPs that impressed us the most as well as a free…

Comprehensive review of a fast inflatable stand-up paddleboard including insider tips, the pros, the cons and the best places to buy.

How To Choose A Stand Up Paddle BoardThe Dragonfly version of a SUP board goes far beyond the limited technology used to build a modern day SUP boards. Mark and Jimbo married technologies – using the design and build techniques of skiff, kayak and with those Mark developed years ago in surf board design and construction.

We are excited to share our great guide and review for anyone looking to get into stand up paddle boarding or even stand up pedal boarding. The staff here at SUP Boards Review are looking forward to sharing our testing and experience with a wide range of equipment and boards.

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