Now that you could get through the whitewater, have actually dominated the Identical Browse Position as well as learnt how to observe where the waves are breaking in the schedule, we can get to understanding the most effective positioning.

Positioning establishes who obtains exactly what waves. The best placed will obtain the much longer, much more interesting wave as well as the most awful located will certainly get the shorter, duller wave, or to puts it simply, the scraps of the much better located.

Before you paddled out, you observed that their were numerous optimals (see Pro Tips: Analysis Waves), and some of you may have selected apart 3 different waves and defined them Peak 1, Optimal 2, Peak 3. The peaks that you quickly selected out on the beach are going to look a lot different from the schedule since you’re looking at them from a different perspective. A good idea to help you reconnect with that peak in the new perspective is to look inside at the whitewater as the waves break.

Discover how to position yourself by adhering to the whitewater path to the peak of the break.

The most effective located paddler will be at a place on the peak that pits himself as deep as feasible (nearby to the peak of the break) while still being able to make it to the open face and maximize the flight. In the example of the height being a right-hander, the best positioned paddler will be far to the right if looking at the wave from the coastline. If it’s a left it will be other– the SUP surfer will be deep to the leftward side if watching the wave from the coastline.

This positioning for making best use of trips will cause the internet user to approach catching the waves differently. It compels the paddler to paddle from behind the height and go down right into the wave at the peak or even behind it.

If you are going right, the strategy will suggest resorting to your left to go right and if going left, it implies counting on your right to go left. See photos listed below as an example.


1. Giving you the possibility to make best use of the wave.

2. Produces right of way to the wave (you will certainly be inmost to the ridable wall surface).

3. Gives you vision of the entire wave as it forms. You will certainly no longer turn your back to the wave when looking to capture it, so you’ll have the ability to see the wave kind and also adapt your speed and/or make directional changes for capturing it.

Comprehending this positioning and also method is an essential component in your development in the direction of becoming a much better SUP web surfer. Enjoy with it, and bear in mind that brand-new behaviors are hard to create, but in this instance will certainly be well worth it.

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