Paddle Boards Versus Pedal Boards


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Explore the differences between stand up pedal and paddle boards, as well so new crossover hybrid options that provide the best of both worlds.

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Hybrid SUP Boards: The hybrid or crossover SUP is a board that can be used both as a pedal or paddle board. Currently the Hobie Cat Mirage Eclipse is the only hybrid pedal board available on the market.

Paddle Boards versus Pedal Boards – Stand Up Pedal Boards. It is the perfect hybrid SUP board because not only can it be used as a traditional paddle board, but it can also convert into a pedal board.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse pedal boardsTypes of SUP Boards. Paddle SUP Boards: The board pictured here is a fairly standard paddle style SUP board. By using your upper body strength to paddle the board in the direction you intend to travel. Pedal SUP Boards: Pedal SUP boards use your feet in a stair step type motion to propel the board forward, and the bike style handle bar has …

Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews Contents Paddle board. free Isle take your Boards reviewed now that Ultimate product for you Custom pedal board contents pedal board Get Ready for Summer with a High Quality paddle board. free Shipping and Paddle. Best Stand Up Paddle Board reviews: the top Inflatable & Solid SUPs for 2017 & 2018 If you’re not quite

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Stand up paddle boards are a mainstream craze for lake ocean and river enthusiasts alike. To add even another element they have now created a stand-up pedal board.